Ifugao province has nine (9) towns and one of them is Banaue, one of the most popular tour destinations in the Philippines, mainly because of the world-renowned rice terraces. Banaue rice terraces has been described as the eighth wonder of the world. Carved out of the hillside by Ifugao tribes people 2000 to 3000 years ago without the aid of machinery to provide level steps where the natives plant rice. And they are still in use today.  These terraces stretch like stepping stones to the sky – some reaching an altitude of 1500m (4920ft). It is considered as one of mankind’s greatest engineering feat. If the terraces were laid end to end, they would stretch half way around the world.

Although a bit far from Manila , it is one of the most awesome destinations in the Philippines. Visitors never regret spending time and resources to see its beauty and grandeur. One cannot but ponder how the Ifugaos made it all using just their bare hands.

Aside from the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, UNESCO inscribed the Hudhud Chants of the Ifugao, another National Cultural Treasure. The Hudhud consists of narrative chants performed mainly by elder Ifugao women usually during the rice sowing season, at harvest time and at funeral wakes and rituals.

Main Tourist Attraction :

Man-made Rice Terraces

Museum of Cordillera  Sculpture – located next to Spring Village Inn, has a fabulous collection of bulol and other Ifugao woodcarvings, including some rare originals. There are also some fascinating old books that you can read, including a 1912 National Geographic on Ifugao head-hunters.
Hours: 8am to 5pmBanaue Museum – The Banaue View Inn runs the Banaue Museum, which contains books written decades ago by anthropologist Otley Beyer and Igorot artefacts collected by his son William.

Activities & Leisure
:  Sightseeing, visit to the tribes at the foot of the terraces, hiking/trekking, local shops of wood carvings, The Sunday Markets

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