How to reach Banaue

How to reach to Banaue and the rice terraces

Banaue rice terraces

Amazing view from Banaue

Many travelers asking how to reach Banaue and its amazing rice terraces, which located in the northern part of the Philippines.
The  net full of  information that is mostly correct, but  there are some  incorrect or inaccurate  information, that makes  travelers loose money and time.
The best ways to reach Banaue are:
Option number 1:
Backpackers will love this way of reaching Banaue. A bus from a company called CODA LINES, operates a daily bus to Banaue. This is the only authorized company to do such service today(correct for Jan 11, 2013).
The address of CODA LINES BUS COMPANY is:HM Transport Inc., Monte de Piedad, corner Maryland street, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila

0927 559 2197/ 0929 521 3229

Taxi drivers in the  city will surely know how to get there and will take you to the right place, if you will present the  address above.
There is a BETTER WAY of buying the ticket without reaching the bus terminal. It is more expensive ticket but you might save money on taxi’s and time reaching the bus station eventually.
Please check the link below:
Bus to Banaue
Bus  to Banaue
Schecule of bus from manila to banaue or  from manila to sagada can be checked here:  Manila to Banaue bus
They also serve the way back from Sagada or Banaue, Sagada to Manila via Bontoc or Banaue to Manila can be checked in the same link above.

** You may want to check departure date prior to ticket purchase.

We hear many stories of taxi drivers that took travelers to different  bus terminals, and that cause  a major delay with the arrival to Banaue or even lost of a day.


Option number 2:

Banaue can be reached by a private van/car as  well.

We are  operating a Chauffeur service to Banaue, what allow you to choose the departure date from any point in Manila or  from any place in Luzon.

Arrival with a private  car/van will give you the flexibility to stop on the  way up north, to take some  pictures and for  some refreshments on the way. The car/van stay with you all the way and will bring you back to your Home/Hotel at any time you choose.

Within the chauffeur service, we are operating a drop-off/Pick-up service to/from Banaue. In many cases will be much cheaper to leave the car with you instead of  just a Drop-off/Pick-up


Option number 3:

Banaue can be reached by a flight as well.

There are  two airports that can serve you reaching Banaue.

1. Cauayan airport – Located about 3.5 hours  from Banaue. (That saves you the ride of  10-12 hours Manila-Banaue)

Flight to or from Cauayan leaves 3 times a week only.

Manila to Banaue 09:50 /Banaue-Manila 11:10 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday

2. Tugegarao Airport – Located abuot 4.5 hours from Banaue. (That saves you the ride of 10-12 hours Manila-Banaue)

Flight  to or from Tugegarao leaves daily.

** Time of flights can be changed without prior notice.

You may buy flights to those airports through Tourismo Filipino Inc. Http://

You may buy a transfer service as well that will take you from the airport to Banaue and back to the airport. Our airport representative will meet you upon arrival.

You may start then you tour  in the north and  go down south with our vehicles.

For tour options  you may check our link below:



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So enjoy there in the Philippines and have the fun of your life…