Banaue Accommodation

Banaue Accommodation

Banaue accommodation page brings you all the accommodation options in Banaue, Batad, Mayoyao and the area. You may find accommodation for any budget here…

The page will be updated every few weeks to give you the latest and most recommended accommodation in Banaue area!

Halfway Lodge Banaue


Banaue Ethnic Village Pine

Forest Resort


Banaue Homestay


Terraceville Inn


Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant

Deluxe Queen 2  Deluxe room with 1 Queen-sized bed and sliding glass doors that open to a mini-balcony. Private toilet & bath with hot shower

Greenview Lodge Restaurant

 & Souvenir Shop

Pictures of Uyami's green View Lodge & Restaurant - Restaurant Photoscourtesy of TripAdvisor

Poepl’s Lodge and Restaurant

Pictures of People's Lodge and Restaurant - Small Hotel Photos
courtesy of TripAdvisor